WIP Style Guide


  • (full textile code)
  • ugly things make Kate sad :(
  • but anal retentiveness gives her +4 mood
  • if you see something wrong go ahead and fix it – the site keeps track of page iterations so you can always revert changes later
  • interesting tidbit, link colors are as follows: red leads to a ‘create this page’ for the term linked, dark blue leads to a page within obsidianportal, and light blue leads outside.


As with wikipedia, it’s appropriate to make the first occurrence of an important/relevant term a link. EX:

Aylis has swooshy hair. Fun fact: Aylis’ swooshy hair doesn’t tangle.


Main titles are h1; sub-titles are h3. If you must further sub- titles then h5 is your last stop.


NOTE: As tumblr graduates I trust you to slam dunk the tagging aspect. Include umbrella tags. For example, Aylis’ wiki page would be tagged characters, PCs, Aylis (under the ‘character’ umbrella) and Jediyye (under the ‘location’ umbrella). The WIP list:

  • CHARACTERS (“character”)
    • PCs (“PC”)
      • Aylis | Gunner | Riley | Sable | Vesper
    • NPCs (“NPC”)
  • LOCATIONS (“place”)
    • Jediyye | oh god what are the other places’ names

Specific tag combos:

  • character pages: character, pc/npc (pick one), [character name], [character place of origin/country of birth]


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