dungeons and damn it



oh god what’s going on there are so many tabs

where does this go


i’ve been slamming my head into the keyboard for a bit and i think i have the hang of it. i’m making a [[guide]] for wiki creation. basically what we can do here is consolidate character sheets, reference material (via the wiki) and track the campaign (via the adventure log). if you upload a map we can place markers on it a la googlemaps (which is awesome).

the calendar and forum are off limits to non-subscribers but we don’t really need them anyway. maybe we should make a discussion entry (or edit the title of this one) so we can start planning out shit. at this point i’m just doing a basic wiki outline and aylis’ pages.


and i forgot to say that you should look at some of the example sites that are posted on the home page, there’s lots of good ideas there.


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